Patenting AI and Other Software Innovations

May 20, 2021

Software-focused startups continue to explode onto the scene, without any sign of slowing down, especially as open source proliferates and artificial intelligence becomes more advanced. The promise of these breakthrough companies is undeniable, yet founders are often reticent to invest in intellectual property as they are warned of market oversaturation and a more difficult path to patentability. Our team has specific experience in navigating the complexities of software, AI, and open source, and we’ve helped hundreds of startups develop a deliberate approach to intellectual property protection.

In this 1-hour webinar, Cognition IP will discuss the most important considerations for software founders, including:

  • Types of IP applicable to AI and software startups
  • Landscape of innovators in the AI and software industry
  • Trends on patent filings related to AI, software, and open source systems
  • Challenges related to patenting AI and similar software technologies, and strategies for overcoming them