Flat-Fee US National Stage Patents

Cognition IP delivers the support international companies need to file patents quickly and affordably from PCT or Direct via Paris Convention.


Our Lawyers Have Provided IP Protection For

texas instruments
texas instruments
hewlett packard
perdue pharmaceuticals

Why Cognition?

Our attorneys come from top firms in the U.S.
We have planned IP for some of the most well-known companies in the world,
solving complex legal problems with extraordinary amounts at stake.

Throughout our partners’ impressive careers, we have developed proven
patent prosecution processes that have earned 1000+ allowances for clients,
the fastest being within 2.5 months for a robust patent allowance.

Because we utilize best practices for patent prosecution and stay current
with evolving USPTO guidelines, we plan, file and obtain patents
aligned with the most modern standards.

Cognition IP is competitive with the top firms in the US, with high allowance rates,
high success with appeals and high success with examiners.

Our prosecution strategy reduces the overall number of office actions
and RCEs needed to obtain a patent.

For our clients, this means fewer delays and faster allowances with reduced overall costs.


Flat-Fee US National Stage Patents

We price our services on a fixed fee basis so you’ll know how much to budget. We are advocates for our clients in cost-savings with 100% transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees.

USPTO Approvals

We have a high success rate for patent approvals compared to the US national average. We put care and attention into our patent filings to produce consistent results. Hundreds of our past successes show this. Our speed and efficiency with the USPTO is competitive with top US firms.

Personalized attorney Support

Our attorneys work with clients from start to finish to ensure each patent filing and prosecution is managed with the care it deserves. We take time to understand your business objectives and customize a strategy according to your specific needs.


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Do you work with foreign associates & filing partners?

Yes, we work with foreign filing partners to ensure their US filings are handled properly. We seek every opportunity to make sure our foreign associates and filing partners get the best pricing possible.

What does the flat fee service for US National Stage Entry from Foreign PCT include?

- Preliminary conflict check
- Preparation of all required documents for filing status (micro-entity, small-entity or other)
- Filing of the patent application (US Non-Provisional)
- Preparation and filing of initial Information Disclosure Statement from the International Search Report
- Claim number and dependency review for potential cost-savings
- Filing and reporting of the patent application
- USPTO fees not included
- English translation of filed foreign patent application (PCT) is not included

What is the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)?

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) allows innovators to pursue international patent protection in over 150 participating countries via one streamlined application process.  We are also able to file direct via the Paris Convention.

When is the US PCT national stage application deadline?

The US National Stage application must be submitted within 30 or 31 months of the earliest foreign priority date in most member countries of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), or within 12 months of the earliest foreign priority filing date under the Paris Convention for applications not within the PCT.

What is an Invention Disclosure Statement?

Whenever prior art that is material to patentability becomes known to an USPTO applicant, their legal representative, or to others involved in the applicant’s patent application process, the prior art must be disclosed in the US National Stage prosecution with an Invention Disclosure Statement (IDS). This obligation includes prior art uncovered in the foreign patent process, by the foreign patent office, or any time prior art has become known. The obligation continues until the patent is issued or abandoned. Prior art is considered any public information which could be material to the determination of patentability of the invention.

Is it possible to expedite my US PCT national stage application?

Under the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) program between the USPTO and member foreign patent offices, it may be possible to expedite your US PCT national phase application. PPH utilizes the fast-track procedures of participating patent offices. If approved, the examination time should follow within 5 months of the approval. Requirements linked here