HealthTech Patents

Cognition IP delivers the strategies & support HealthTech enterprises need to file patents quickly and affordably to protect global market opportunities.


Our Lawyers Have Provided IP Protection For

texas instruments
texas instruments
hewlett packard
perdue pharmaceuticals

We know HealthTech IP

Our attorneys come from top firms in the U.S.
We have planned IP for some of the most well-known companies in the world,
solving complex legal problems with extraordinary amounts at stake.

Throughout our partners’ impressive careers, we have developed proven
patent prosecution processes that have earned 1000+ allowances for clients,
the fastest being within 2.5 months for a robust patent allowance.

Because we utilize best practices for patent prosecution and stay current
with evolving USPTO guidelines, we plan, file and obtain patents
aligned with the most modern standards.

Cognition IP is competitive with the top firms in the US, with high allowance rates,
high success with appeals and high success with examiners.

Our prosecution strategy reduces the overall number of office actions
and RCEs needed to obtain a patent.

For our HealthTech clients, this means fewer delays and faster allowances with reduced overall costs.


Healthtech experience

Our attorneys have represented companies like GE Healthcare, AstraZeneca, Smith+Nephew and Purdue Pharma in patent matters. Our technical experience includes Biotech, Bioinformatics, Diagnostic Methods, Patient Health Assessment, Disease Detection and Treatment, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Software as Medical Device (SaMD), Medical Devices, Orthopedic Devices and Implants, Intraocular and Corneal Implants, Robotic Assisted Surgery, Assay Robotic Systems, and Orthodontic Devices. Whether you’re just starting with Freedom to Operate (FTO), approaching FDA premarket approval, scaling up or navigating M&A, we provide key IP insights at each stage.

Fixed Fee Patents

Cognition IP offers fair and predictable flat-fee pricing. By streamlining internal processes with our proprietary technology, we reduce the time and costs associated with IP filings. This allows us to offer consistent pricing so you can plan your IP and stay on budget without pressure. There are no hidden fees. 

1:1 attorney support

Each of our clients is matched with the Cognition attorney best suited for their particular technology and strategy. We do the work and direct the entire process so you preserve bandwidth for what matters most. For our SME and enterprise clients, we integrate seamlessly with your team to handle IP matters with the results expected from a top tier firm. 


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Do you handle Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches?

Yes. Cognition IP can handle Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches for a variety of HealthTech, BioTech, Medical Device, Bioinformatics, Software as Medical Device (SaMD), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) innovations, with or without legal opinion. FTO searches are common before patenting due to the high costs of HealthTech R&D.  

What is included in the HealthTech fixed fee pricing?

In our flat rate patent pricing, we include an initial consultation, disclosure meeting, drafting and filing of the patent application, patent prosecution management and an allowance for standard communications. We charge a fixed fee for office actions and additional services if necessary, a la carte. These will be quoted up front with 100% transparency when crafting your IP strategy. 

Do you file Provisional Patent Applications?

Yes. We file Provisional and Nonprovisional Patent Applications. The Provisional Patent application is a useful strategic tool to capture an early priority date if utilized properly. A working prototype is not needed for either Provisional or Nonprovisional applications.

What is the process for patents and trademarks?

We begin by gathering a few important details in a complimentary discovery call. During this call, we understand your timeline and business objectives, provide a general expectation of fees and see if Cognition IP is a good fit. Should you decide to engage, we typically have applications ready within a few weeks. Once filed, we will await the USPTO response and guide the prosecution.  The typical timeline of the USPTO for patents and trademarks can be 1-3 years, but expedited options may also be available.