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Cognition delivers the technical expertise, cost-effective pricing, and trusted reputation needed to plan complex IP with certainty.


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texas instruments
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In today’s legal industry, it is common for firms to outsource matters to less-experienced attorneys or unknown contractors which should be handled by experts. Other firms struggle with inefficient operations, delivering urgent needs past-deadline. Inflexible pricing and exorbitant hourly fees can add up, making IP protection expensive and frustrating for companies that need reliability. As a result, many choose an IP partner via direct referral, regardless of high costs, because it is too risky to work with unpredictable prospects.

With Cognition, our hybrid approach to IP planning leverages proprietary technology to expedite our services, saving time, saving costs, and creating efficiencies, while the subject matter expertise of our attorneys attentively guides each strategy. Whether developing individual applications or handling volumes for ongoing quotas, we achieve exceptional consistency and quality every time



Cognition IP attorneys have the experience and background you would expect from a top-tier IP boutique. We handle IP matters in-house, relying upon the team’s impressive tech expertise. Our attorneys have previously worked at Fortune 5, Vault 20, and AmLaw 50 companies and law firms and have represented companies like Apple, Motorola, Texas Instruments, HP, AstraZeneca, and Purdue Pharma in patent matters. Our technical specialties include software, hardware, aerospace, AI/ML, cryptocurrency, life sciences, medical devices, pharma, and consumer goods.


Since our start in 2018, Cognition IP has grown exponentially due to the positive word-of-mouth of our clients. Having served hundreds of clients, including some of the fastest-growing and most recognized companies in the world, we have earned a trusted reputation for IP strategies that build business value, protect core technology, and provide protection from lawsuits. At the end of the day, our reputation is only as good as our results and we are proud to report an exceptionally higher approval rate with the USPTO compared to a national average**.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Cognition IP offers fair and predictable fixed-fee pricing. By streamlining internal processes with our proprietary technology, we reduce the time and costs associated with IP filings. This allows us to offer consistent pricing so you can plan your IP and stay on budget without pressure. We share our rates upfront and offer flexible payment options for our partners, without billing for questions or communications.

Our Results are close to 2x better than other law firms

We have a 91% historical success rate for patent applications that we file. Compare this to the 55% success rate of the average law firm in the United States. We put care and attention into our work and our technology helps produce consistent results. Our past successes show this.

Client Testimonials

Prior results described on this site do not guarantee similar outcomes in future cases or transactions.

"Cognition IP’s biggest value-add has been removing the time, cost and psychological barriers to efficiently building our IP portfolio.”

Rejuvenation Technologies

“Having vetted many law firms, I would recommend Cognition IP above all. The team is experienced, technical, and meticulous - and this is reflected in the quality of their work.”

Trexo Robotics

"I think that everybody we've worked with at Cognition IP has been equally talented. You have to be able to perform, and we’ve been very happy with our partnership."


Work With Us.

Cognition IP values each client’s unique IP objectives. When working with our attorneys, you will experience accountability with best-in-class response times, professional competence to solve difficult business problems, guidance to identify new IP opportunities, and unrivaled dedication to support your most critical needs and timelines.

With decades of experience in all aspects of intellectual property law, we are technical specialists with a deep understanding of IP developments in our domains. We can support most matters in patent and trademark prosecution, licensing, technology transfer, IP strategy and harvesting.