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Find and protect the IP in your organization


Our Lawyers Have Provided IP Protection For

texas instruments
texas instruments
hewlett packard
perdue pharmaceuticals



Our patent lawyers built their expertise at national law firms rep-
resenting many Fortune 500 companies


We use technology to make our lawyers more effective and make better decisions with IP analytics.


We offer flat-rate pricing so that you will never be surprised by your legal bill.


From initial filing to patent prosecution at scale, we provide comprehensive IP services.

We're IP Experts. Top companies work with us.

Our lawyers come from top law firms where they handled the IP of the most well-known companies in the world. We’ve handled the most complex legal problems with huge amounts at stake. Rest assured that you are getting the best legal minds in the business. Just ask us about the clients we’ve worked with in the past.

Harvest the high-value IP in your enterprise

We implement IP harvesting programs for companies to ensure that their IP is identified and protected. Our process includes setting up a formal IP harvesting process and offering training to engineers and scientists on how to identify IP and submit it for review. We will help you evaluate and prioritize IP in your organization and develop a comprehensive IP strategy that uses patent and trade secret protection to achieve your company’s goals.

Fixed-fees so you’ll never be surprised by a legal bill.

We price our services on a fixed-fee basis so you’ll know how much to budget for all your IP needs. Other firms bill by the hour and won’t tell you how much the final cost is until after they send you the invoice. We give you control over your legal spending.

Full service IP for those that need it

We also provide patent and trademark application preparation and filing service so that we can be your one-stop shop for IP if you need it. If you have your own patent preparation vendors that also fits our model. Our success rates in patent prosecution rival the best in the business with a 91% success rate for patent applications we file, compared to a national average of 55%. We also prepare patent applications in a matter of weeks, not the months long wait times with traditional law firms.