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We are trusted to draft, file, prosecute and manage valuable IP assets on-time and on-budget for hundreds of fast-growing companies.

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Why choose Cognition IP?


Our patent lawyers built their expertise at pedigree law firms representing many Fortune 500 companies.


Our attorneys utilize advanced technology and IP analytics to make informed decisions.


We offer flat-fee pricing and on-demand services so you can budget accurately.


From initial filing to patent prosecution at scale, we provide comprehensive IP services.

Our Reputation

Our attorneys have Fortune 5, AmLaw 50 and Vault 20 experience, where they crafted IP for some of the most valuable companies in the world. We are highly-seasoned in capturing commercial IP opportunities, minimizing risk, guiding in-house teams and handling complex matters with extraordinary amounts at stake.

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Cognition IP Delivers

Proven Results

Although we cannot guarantee approvals, we have an approximate 91% historical success rate for patent applications we file. Compare this with the average 55% success rate of most IP law firms in the United States and you’ll understand one of the many ways we deliver proven results.

Competitive with Top 20 US Law Firms in USPTO results
Low average office actions and high efficiency scores with USPTO examiners
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Cost-Effective Fixed Fees

We price our services on a transparent & predictable fixed-fee basis so you stay on-budget. Other firms escalate costs quickly billing by the hour. Never be surprised by a legal bill again.

No hidden fees or standard communication fees
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Faster to Filing

We prepare patent applications in a matter of weeks. In a first-to-file system, that can make a big difference. Traditional law firms have long wait times and may take months. We prioritize our clients and get to work on their strategies right away.

Average 4-6 weeks from engagement to filing
USPTO Fast-track optional
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Featured Services

Our most popular services covering your core IP search & filing needs

IP Strategy

We provide expert planning for new IP and existing portfolios based on decades of experience and insights from advanced analytics.

Provisional Patent Application

We prepare, file, prosecute and manage your provisional patent application to capture an early priority date and position for a nonprovisional conversion.

Non-Provisional Patent Application

We prepare, file, prosecute and manage your nonprovisional patent application with the objective of expedient approval for your valuable IP assets.


We prepare, file, prosecute and manage your trademark application with search for protecting your valuable brand assets.

Freedom to Operate

We provide freedom to operate searches with legal opinion to your team and investors as a strategic risk analysis before go-to-market.


We use top patent search tools to uncover prior art and inform your IP development roadmap.

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Industries We Serve

Our confidence is built on decades of patenting the subjects we know best

Hardware & Embedded Device

Software, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality, AR, VR, XR

Haptic Feedback

Healthcare, HealthTech, BioTech, Medical Device

SaaS, E-Commerce & Marketplaces

IoT & Consumer Electronics, Wearables

Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, UAVs

Risk & Cybersecurity

Computer Vision

NLP, SmartBot & Ontological Processing

Orthopaedic & Orthodontic Devices

Semiconductor, Integrated Circuits & Chip Design

Computer Processing & Software Optimization

Banking & Fintech


Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Logistics & Transportation

Aviation, Aerospace & Defense

Standard Essential Technologies

Telecommunications, Mobile & Video Tech


Battery Tech & Renewable Energy

Oil & Energy

Our Legal & Technology Team

Our team brings technical and legal expertise from top-tier law firms, where they worked on critical IP matters for large enterprises and scaleups.

Jese Leos

Ed Steakley

Managing Shareholder, COO
Jese Leos

Rajesh Fotedar

Managing Shareholder – Trademarks and Copyright, IP Attorney
Jese Leos

Saleh Kaihani

Patent Attorney
Jese Leos

Nashaat T. Nashed

PhD, Patent Agent
Jese Leos

S. Kameron Parvin

Patent Attorney
Jese Leos

Justin White

Patent Attorney
Jese Leos

Matt Eames

PhD, Consultant
Jese Leos

Rafael Bustamante

Senior Paralegal
Jese Leos

Yasmin Fuentes

Jese Leos

Christian Behl

International Development
Jese Leos

Ellie Krumpholz

Community Manager & Head of Events
Jese Leos

Andrew Tjang

PhD, Founder, CEO
Jese Leos

Uday Pulleti

Director of AI
Jese Leos

Bryant Lee


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