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We make top-tier IP more accessible, reliable & cost-effective for fast-growing companies

Our Story

In 2018, Cognition IP was founded, like many startups, by two friends with an idea to disrupt an industry.

With Bryant on the legal side, and myself as technical co-founder, we envisioned a tech-powered IP firm, which could deliver top firm results, faster and more cost-effectively than traditional firms.

On a hunch, we applied to the Y Combinator accelerator program and were fortunate to be included in their Winter 2018 batch, which helped turn our vision into a reality.

Six years and hundreds of clients later, we’re proud to say we’ve grown almost entirely by the positive word of mouth of satisfied clients.

With the use of proprietary software and the benefit of exceptional attorneys, we can utilize the best of tech & human efficiencies, delivering results competitive with some of the best firms in the US.

In 2020, Bryant’s move into an advisory role has enabled Edward Steakley, a previous Senior Patent Counsel for two Fortune 5’s, including Apple, to become Managing Shareholder and lead our dedicated team of attorneys.

Over the years, we have earned a great reputation and worked with startups from Y Combinator (YC), Y Combinator Startup School, TechStars, On Deck, A16Z, 500 Startups and Founder Institute to name a few.

We also educate IP and legal departments on innovation planning and portfolio management for a select number of Enterprises.

We work almost entirely on a fixed-fee schedule to make IP planning predictable, transparent and competitively priced.

Our team is grateful for our opportunities, our achievements and the many colleagues who have supported us along the way.

We always seek to deliver the best for our clients and to stay true to our mission.

Andrew Tjang, Co-Founder

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