Cognition IP in the Media

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TechCrunch: “Cognition IP looks to streamline the patent filing experience with a dose of smarter search” February 2018

TechCrunch: “These are the 64 startups unveiled at Y Combinator W18 Demo Day” March 2018

Yahoo Finance, & ALM Media: “5 New Legal Tech Companies Y-Combinator Thinks You Should Know About” March 2018

Matrix Partners: “Bringing AI to Legal Services with Cognition IP” August 2018

Medium: “Cognition IP, a smarter practice of law” February 2019

VentureBeat: “Cognition IP raises $2.8 million for AI to help patent startups’ inventions” July 2019

TechCrunch: “IP strategy: How startups should decide whether to file patents” July 2019

Today’s General Counsel: “A Playbook for Cost-Effective Patent Prosecution and Portfolio Management” [Sponsored Content] May 2023

Y Combinator: “AI (Artificial Intelligence) Startups funded by Y Combinator (YC) in San Francisco” February 2024

Recorded Media

LegalTechLive: “Bryant Lee and Andrew Tjang, Founders of Cognition IP” August 2019

Rutgers University USACS Speaker Series – “Cognition IP co-founder Andrew Tjang” January 2020

TEDx Talks: Andrew Tang, “The AI Darkroom“, March 2020

Founder Institute: Online Startup Idea Fest: “Build and Share Ideas with Potential Customers” January 2021

Project MedTech: “Setting Up Your Company to be Investable, Acquirable and Successful | IP and Trade Secrets” September 2023

Houck Newsletter: [Upcoming Events – Members Only] “Securing Your IP with Edward Steakley” December 2023

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