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What is Freedom To Operate (and Why Does it Matter to Med Device Startups)?

While the core steps of a startup’s journey often translate across industries, medical device companies are subject to more nuanced steps in their path to success. Intellectual property protection is one such step that requires proper attention and timing, typically beginning with a Freedom to Operate (FTO) search.


Top 5 IP Considerations for Medical Device Startups

Intellectual property is an indisputable part of a medical device startup’s go-to-market strategy. However, determining a medical device company’s IP strategy can be daunting, especially when conversations require a deep understanding of technical, regulatory, and legal frameworks. This article provides a primer on the types of intellectual property medical device founders should be familiar with and the top 5 IP considerations for medical device startups.


Creating an IP Harvesting Process for Your Startup

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets of a startup, but deciding what to patent can be a confusing process. Nevertheless, Cognition IP has helped hundreds of startups develop a deliberate approach to intellectual property protection by creating formal IP harvesting programs. Cognition IP's Invention Cataloging and Scoring Worksheet helps to evaluate company inventions and steer patenting decisions.


IP and Investors: What Startups Need to Know

Intellectual property protection is critical from an investor’s perspective. In our experience working with hundreds of startup clients, we’ve surfaced some of the most frequently asked questions from investors and the most successful IP strategies from early-stage companies, and we organized this information into a quick-hitting webinar from the Cognition IP team. Check out the insights from this virtual event.